We are looking for our partner in US who contact with customer directly.
That means, all client belongs to you and we will be your best back end office support.
As what we trying to do is supporting you to get more business and more profit during the business.
Let me list the major point as follow:
1. First of all, you already know that we can provide you the sourcing service.
Anytime you have anything need to search or present to your customer, you can check with us immediately. Because majority products are made in China now.
2. We provide the production management service. Once you get the order from your customer, we can provide almost daily update information to let your customer understand the progress. Keep your customer have more confidence to dealing with us.
3. We provide the logistic service. We can drop ship the products to the address you request. Also we will provide you the POD(proof of delivery), so you can get payment from your customer on time.
4. The most advance part of our service, which we want to provide more credit to your customer direct through our approved and will not reduce your profit.
The major problem of them is just like you, they always request more credit. We will use our resources to support you to develop the market, support you to increase the sales, and fulfill all clients request (include the payment terms). Our company mainly focus on sourcing and we do have the biggest operation in China with 350+ sourcing agents to support the whole North America Promotional products distributors. However we do cooperate with other distributors develop their sales network. Especially for the home based distributors.
Therefore, if you can provide me the point of sales detail, we will support you the payment credit. To do so, if some customer wants to order from you in large amount, we can also support you to do it.
I believe if we are working together we can develop more clients and make more profit together.undefined